Remains of a stencil street art piece in Raval, Barcelona.

Remains of a stencil street art piece in Raval, Barcelona.

A Street Art Walking Tour Organized by Artists and Community Members

Talking Walls is the result of an idea that germinated slowly as a collaborative effort among many participants including artists, shop owners and other interested parties. We all pooled our knowledge and resources and cobbled together this presentation of the state of street art in Barcelona today. 

It is a tricky thing to proclaim yourself spokesman for a decentralized movement, and a tour of this kind walks a razor’s edge with local artists and culture on one hand and gentrification and consumerism on the other. Regardless, it is our belief that cities must grow and adapt and we think that Barcelona can utilize and benefit from international exposure if we all handle it right.

With that in mind, our fundamental goal is to impart a sense of appreciation for street art that will enrich the visitor’s urban experience here and wherever in the world they go next. We hope you learn about Barcelona artists working today and are inspired to learn more. Deeper appreciation benefits artists and the community and helps to elevate the art form. Whenever possible, credit is given where it is due.

We also felt from the beginning that it is very important to grant the street artists access to this increased public attention if they wish it. Toward this end we are collaborating with Anden, a local paint shop and gallery, where artists have the opportunity to offer their work for sale to the public. We will end our tour here where visitors can see rotating exhibits by local and international artists and browse the shop. Thanks for supporting Talking Walls Barcelona and the artists who keep Barcelona fresh.

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